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    Shenzhen Winbest Electronics Co., Ltd
    About us
    Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer which specialized in security systems, access control systems, fire systems and hotel systems products, and created all kinds of Winbest brand products, we are one of the most outstanding company in the safety protection field over many years of experience. Shenzhen Winbest Electronics Co, Ltd is specialized in designing, producing and marketing safety protection products, such as single access controller,access reader,valve controller, gas detectors, power supply for access control system, fire door exit panic bar, electric bolt lock, electromagnetic lock, hotel lock and hotel series switches etc. Continuous innovation and improvement, and strive to ensure high quality, high technology. With advanced production equipment, years adhere to high-quality products,in the production process, we always implement the ISO-9001 quality system standard implementation of quality control,and strictly implement the relevant international standards, to provide high-quality products.


    -RLEC series RF kormon lock is mainly composed of two parts: door lock and door lock card.
    - with unique low power technology, low power consumption and negligible static current.
    - when the card is opened, press the handle to open the door once, and if the card is not opened within five seconds, it will be locked automatically.
    - battery life: normally open more than 10,000 times.
    - reliability: continuous normal induction is normal for 10,000 times.
    - the lock core adopts the international standard five-lock tongue structure, safe and reliable.
    - mechanical cylinder key, equipped with transmission system safety and independent mechanical emergency locking mechanism to ensure normal operation in emergency.- the mechanical key of the transmission system is equipped with emergency locking mechanism, which is not subject to any control, even if the tongue lock can be opened.- when the voltage is lower than 4.4V + 0.2, the low voltage indicator flashes, reminding the manager to replace the battery.- vacuum ion spraying and color separation technology surface treatment, surface fine, smooth, with anti-aging, corrosion resistance and other advantages.
    It is widely used in electrical circuits in hotels, homes and offices.

    Technical support

    Help customers to provide product processing solutions, skills.

    Cost performance

    The machinery market we produce is the most cost-effective.

    Twenty years' experience
    More than 20 years of production experience, products throughout each.

    Big core advantages
    You choose our guarantee. ——————————————————————————————

    Covering the whole country

    We are the national agent of 33 cities, after - sale online shop covers the whole country.

    Quality assurance

    Imported durability test instrument, 300000 test of open lock, life is three times higher than that of peers.

    Professional team

    We have a group of professionals who are skilled and experienced in practice.

    You choose our guarantee —————————————————————————————————————
    Big competitive

    Business model

    Project monomer cooperation solution, project monomer cooperation solution, project monomer cooperation solution project monomer cooperation solution project monomer cooperation solution...

    Product innovation

    Product innovation and perfection, strive to ensure high quality, high technology.Advanced production equipment, for many years to adhere to the high quality of products, in the production process, we always carry out the iso-9001 quality system...

    Technology research

    Shenzhen Winbest Electronics Co., Ltd.has a number of professional teams that are skilled in technical and practical experience, and assist customers in designing reliable and effective solutions. Adhering to the principle of "quality first, customer first"...

    The global development

    Under the leadership of the company and the efforts of every employee, our customers are all over the country and overseas, and have gained a good reputation among the customers.In the rapid development of security technology today, we will continue to strive for continuous innovation, with excellent quality, reasonable prices...

    Address: 3/F, No. 43, Lianhe Road, Baoan Yonghu, Henggang Street, Longgang district, Shenzhen    518115